Sanctuaires de Lourdes

Sanctuaires de Lourdes

I recently approached Madame Pascale LEROY - CASTILLO. Responsible des archives et du patrimoine phototèque; explaining my project in conjunction with le directeur François de Barros, architecture CAUE Tarbes.

I was selected to exhibited a project architectural which corresponds with the department 65. The idea was to show another side to the Sanctuary. In fact, we wanted to show the thousands of visitors each and every year, the buildings in which they have traveled all over France, and the world to visit and worship the site of the late Bernadette. What hey properly didn't see. The point view of an architec. We wanted to put another light on the subject matter. I am pulled by Lines and geometrical shapes, In my style of photography, I am looking for stark contrasts between the light and darkness, this will add drama in the image, and give the viewer and new prospective on what he or she is looking at.

All Prints are made using Piezography Kè ink. The papier is Washi. Kozzo supplied by awagami.

David BANKS Auteur Photographe

Exhibition Toulouse CCHa

Vernissage expo "Structures et Lumières"

DAVID BANKS creation photo et laboratoire piezographie

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Photo Exhibition Architecture CAUE 65

Sanctuaire de Lourdes, millions of pilgrims pass through the sanctuary…


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